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Requirements for coffee packaging


1. Packaging in the flow of the use of the influencing factors

There are mainly all kinds of coffee beans, coffee powder and instant coffee sold on the market. Coffee is usually fried and powdered for sale. Four factors that affect coffee preservation include light, oxygen, humidity and temperature, so it is better to keep these four factors in a low state when storing. The main quality changes of coffee are the volatilization of aromatic components and the changes of volatile components caused by moisture and oxygen. With the change of aroma, the coffee gradually ages, decayed and produces cocoa smell. In this case, the coffee may be considered as degenerated, Coffee storage temperature and humidity environment will accelerate this deterioration.

Coffee is easy to volatilize and scatter the scent, the fat and aroma components in it are easily oxidized, especially when it is damp, it will speed up the damage. Therefore, the packaging of coffee must be ruled out of oxygen, and must be isolated from the package volatilize the fragrant ingredients and from the outside to absorb odor.

After the package is opened, the coffee is exposed to the air and its quality quickly declines. Fried and ground coffee must be separated from the atmosphere to avoid being affected by external oxygen, light and moisture, and to minimize the loss of its contents. Of course, it would be best to lower the storage temperature of coffee to slow down its biochemical reaction and the rate of volatilization, however, refrigeration is not commercially viable. In addition, the particles of the coffee powder are both hard and sharp, requiring the packaging material to have sufficient abrasion resistance and puncture strength.

2. Coffee packaging requirements

When packing coffee, pay attention to:

1) moisture-proof

After damp coffee, it will speed up the damp speed.

2) Anti-oxidation

Oils and fragrances in coffee are easily oxidized by oxygen.

3) gas barrier

Common coffee is prone to the loss of volatile aroma components, but also susceptible to odor effects. Therefore, the ordinary coffee packaging must avoid spilling out of the packaging of aromatic gases and odor absorption from the outside world. Therefore, the packaging material should have sufficient gas barrier properties.

4) anti-high temperature

In the case of high temperatures, will speed up the biochemical reaction of coffee and volatile speed.


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