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Free sample plastic sports liquid spout pouch water bag with hook

Super Cap--Flip Cap. Tough Seal. Easy Open.
Ultra Durable BPA-Free 3-Ply Material. Dishwasher Safe.
Foldable, portable and flexible. Reusable and Freezeable.
Wide Mouth Opening; Integrated clip keeps rolled bottles pocket friendly.

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Product Description

Minimum Order Quantity:


Packaging Details:

Standard exporting cardboard

Delivery Time:

15-20 days

Payment Terms:

50% deposit,and 50% balance before shipment.

Attachable: The included carabiner can be used to clip bottle to gear when in use, and also to hold the Anti-Bottle for storage.
Foldable: The Anti-Bottles are designed to stand upright when full and can be folded, rolled up, or laid flat when empty.
Washable: Dishwasher safe and fits easily on the top dishwasher rack. Quick and easy to wash by hand as well.

Freezable: We have had great success by filling the bottle 1/2 to 2/3 full and standing upright in freezer. Once frozen, simply top off the Anti-Bottle and enjoy a cool drink for hours
Light:About 87% lighter than typical rigid bottles, the foldable Anti-Bottle is easy to stash and go. Slim and weighing only 2 oz, the Anti-Bottle only packs water weight.

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