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Flat bottom pouch
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China factory OEM laminated material flat bottom bag

Flat Bottom Bags have features similar to the Stand Up Pouch and Side Gusset Bag, it opens to be able to hold its product standing flat on it’s base. Flat Bottom pouches are popular for packaging coffee, tea, grains, specialty products, etc.


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Minimum bestelhoeveelheid:


Details van de verpakking:

Standard exporting cardboard


15-20 dagen


50% storting en 50% saldo voor verzending

Flat bottom pouches have many names like box pouch, box bottom bags, block bottom pouch, square bottom bags, box pouch with valve, quad sealed flat bottom, block bottomed bags, three side gusset bags, brick pouch etc.
Flat bottom pouch looks like box or brick style. These pouches have gussets on left and right side and gusset on bottom. We can fix zipper in pouches as optional. We can also give pocket zip zippers fitted in flat bottom bags.
Flat bottom pouches / block bottom bags can save 15% of packaging material due to unique design. So these bags are called environment friendly packaging bags. We can also save shelf space in supermarket as the bags stands tall and width of the bags is less compared with stand up pouches. So this style bags can save money for the food manufacturer by paying less to supermarket shelf space.

We can fix Degassing valves for coffee packaging. The bags are used to pack Pet food, organic products, chocolates, powders, spices, muesli, biscuits, tea etc. We can personalize flat bottom bags by printing in advanced rotogravure machine upto 9 colors. Customized printing is possible in brown kraft paper, white poster paper, PET, foil, BOPP. For custom printing our minimum quantity starts from 10000 bags.
We can prepare pouches from aluminum foil high barrier laminates. We can also get option of window in pouches. Please contact our sales team for further details.

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